Mommy Makeover Vienna

Duration: 2-6 hours
Anesthesia: twilight sleep or general anesthesia
Healing time: 1-2 weeks, sports break 6 weeks



2-6 hours


Twilight sleep or general anesthesia


1-2 weeks, sports leave 6 weeks


after about 6 months

Most women experience pregnancy, the birth of their child and breastfeeding as a wonderful time in which a new life is created and a very special closeness and affection for the offspring develops. But at the same time it is also a strenuous and challenging time for the female body, in which numerous changes are made in order to give the growing child as much space as possible and to be able to take care of it optimally. The hormonal change during pregnancy is accompanied by water retention, the connective tissue becomes softer and more elastic overall in order to be able to compensate for the weight gain. Not only the abdomen, but also the breasts can increase in volume during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the tissue is also clearly stressed here. Depending on age, diet, genetic basis and time for sport and exercise, it is not always easy to return to the initial weight and, above all, to the physical form before pregnancy recognize and, above all, no longer feel comfortable. The mommy makeover is a way to bring different parts of the body back to their pre-pregnancy state and to increase well-being and self-confidence.

What is a mommy makeover?

The term Mommy Makeover is an umbrella term for different plastic surgical procedures to optimize the post-baby body. The selection of procedures is specifically aimed at women who have completed pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and are suffering from the resulting physical changes . Depending on individual wishes, several interventions can also be combined.

Who is a mommy makeover suitable for?

In principle, the Mommy Makeover is suitable for all women who, due to massive and sometimes irreversible physical changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding, no longer feel comfortable in their own skin, no longer feel feminine and no longer attractive and who want to restore their original shape with the help of an aesthetic procedure would like.
Since the body needs a few months to regenerate from the hormonal changes, you should have stopped breastfeeding for at least six months when planning the procedure. Only then can the final shape and size of the breasts (if an operation on the breasts is desired) be assessed.

To interventions like one liposuction or one abdominal respectively one breast lift to be able to plan, should no major weight fluctuations be imminent, again in order to be able to plan the procedure as best as possible. Ideally, family planning should be complete by the time the surgery is performed, as another pregnancy can lead to new changes.

What are the reasons for a mommy makeover?

In most cases, the reasons for a mommy makeover are less health-related and more aesthetic in nature, since many women suffer from the physical changes, especially after several pregnancies, and want their old appearance, their proportions and the associated self-confidence and sense of femininity back.

What post-pregnancy physical changes can be treated with a mommy makeover?

In principle, the Mommy Makeover combines different types of interventions on different parts of the body:


During pregnancy, it is completely normal for the breasts to increase in volume, sometimes significantly due to hormones, but it is not uncommon for them to quickly lose volume again when breastfeeding ends. In particular, this rapid weight gain and loss often leaves its mark on the tissue and skin - the breasts tend to sag and the skin appears less taut. Next to one breast lift can also one here breast augmentation remedy.


The most obvious is the increase in volume and rapid decrease again on the stomach, where the skin and the underlying abdominal wall muscles are therefore particularly stressed. Although special skin care can prevent unwanted stretch marks to a certain extent, it is not always possible to prevent the skin from appearing slack and inelastic after regaining the initial weight. Diastasis recti often remains after pregnancy, i.e. the abdominal wall muscles diverging, which leads to the upper and/or lower abdomen bulging. In such cases, an abdominoplasty with correction of the diastasis recti can achieve good results and allow a flat, toned abdomen.

In addition to the stomach, the thighs are also often affected by the loss of elasticity in the tissue and the consequent excessive formation of wrinkles and sagging skin thighs possible. Alternatively, if the findings are less pronounced, treatments with radiofrequency (Cristal Skin) or Morpheus8 can deliver the desired result.

intimate area:

Both the pelvic floor muscles and the vagina experience extreme stretching and strain during the birth process, which can also leave marks. These marks can lead to not only aesthetic, but also functional defects. An intervention in the intimate area, i.e. a vaginal tightening, is therefore particularly suitable for women who have to struggle with problems after childbirth, such as reduced sensation of desire, unwanted urine leakage or pain during sexual intercourse or even when cycling.

What Treatments Can a Mommy Makeover Include?

breast augmentation: breast augmentation is also referred to as breast augmentation and is a surgical procedure in which the volume of the breasts is increased either by transferring autologous fat or by breast implants.

breast lift: At a Breast lift (mastopexy) excess tissue and excess skin are removed and the breast is optically lifted using various incision techniques. The position of the nipple can also be changed, making the breasts appear more symmetrical and less droopy overall.

breast reduction: One breast reduction After pregnancy, women in particular make use of it, whose breasts increase in volume but no longer decrease after pregnancy. If this increased volume and weight of the breasts is perceived as disproportionate or disturbing (unpleasant consequences such as chronic muscle tension, back pain or headaches can also occur), a certain percentage of the volume can be surgically removed. Even asymmetrical breasts can be adjusted again with a large reduction. A breast lift is always performed with a breast reduction.

Liposuction: The stomach and buttocks in particular are popular regions for liposuctions However, it should be noted that liposuction can only be carried out without complications if there is a certain amount of fatty tissue present. Alternatively, disturbing smaller local fat deposits can be reduced using cryolipolysis (freezing fat away). If desired, liposuction can be combined with breast augmentation using autologous fat. It often makes sense to combine liposuction with Bodytite to give the suctioned areas more firmness and firmness.

Abdominoplasty and plastic: As with breast lifts, there are tummy tuck Depending on where in the abdominal area the excess skin is to be removed, different incision techniques are used to remove the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue. If there is also rectus diastasis, i.e. the muscles in the abdominal wall coming apart, this can be treated via the same incision and access route so that the abdomen becomes flat again.

Labia reduction (vaginal tightening): goal of labia reduction is to remove the stretched mucous membrane of the vaginal canal so that it is narrower and tighter again, which significantly increases sensitivity during sexual intercourse. Performing vaginal rejuvenation also stimulates tissue rehabilitation, which also ensures the production of sufficient moisture.

thigh lift: Also at the thigh lift Different cutting techniques are available, depending on how the excess fat and skin tissue are distributed. The goal is to remove sunken skin that has lost elasticity and to lift the remaining skin and so on.

Scar treatment: In particular, unsightly scars and stretch marks represent an aesthetic flaw for many women. There are various techniques to smooth scars minimally invasively or to correct them surgically. Possible minimally invasive treatments without surgery are: radio frequency (Cristal Skin), microneedling (SkinPen), Morpheus8.

Can all treatments be done at the same time in a Mommy Makeover?

The point of the mommy makeover is that, in principle, several interventions can be combined and carried out at the same time, which means that several failures at different times and the stress of several surgical interventions can be avoided. However, depending on the general condition, age and possible concomitant diseases, there are also limitations to be considered, which are clarified in advance in a joint discussion.

What should you consider before a mommy makeover?

Planning: Detailed planning with 3D simulation (Vectra XT or Crisalix) is required before a mommy makeover procedure. As part of a detailed consultation, I will give you the space to formulate your wishes and expectations, after which the possible interventions and the expected results will be discussed. There is a detailed explanation of the operation with an explanation of the operation, possible risks and complications as well as the follow-up treatment to be carried out. Finally, any existing questions can be clarified.

Investigations: In addition to any examinations of the region to be operated on, an operation clearance must be given before each operation - this includes taking a blood sample to rule out an infection and a check-up by the family doctor, if necessary also a chest X-ray if there are known risk factors.

anticoagulant drugs, and more rarely certain blood pressure medications must be suspended for a certain period of time before the operation - you will be informed about this in good time in a conversation with the anesthesiologist.

Refrain from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption for 14 days before and after the operation.

What is the process of a mommy makeover?

The vast majority of operations follow a similar pattern:

  • Induction of anesthesia
  • Wash and disinfect the surgical area
  • Depending on the type of intervention, making the skin incision and carrying out the further surgical steps.
  • Before the wound is closed, a drain may be inserted to drain blood and wound secretions from the body.
  • Execution of the plastic-surgical wound suture according to aesthetic aspects.
  • Apply a wound dressing and, if necessary, a compression bandage.

What to look out for after a mommy makeover?

Depending on the type of intervention, it is common to stay in hospital for at least one night. If the postoperative condition is good and there is no major accumulation of fluid, the drain can be removed the next day and you can be discharged.

Make sure you rest and recover for the first day after the operation, avoid alcohol and nicotine consumption and ensure adequate wound care. The wounds should be kept clean and dry for 14 days. Hot full baths or sauna sessions should be avoided in the first six weeks after the operation.

How Long Is Downtime After a Mommy Makeover?

The downtime or the duration of the sick leave depends on the type of intervention and the type of activity that is carried out professionally. In most cases are rest for a week or two and relaxation is advisable, but longer breaks may be necessary for physically demanding professional activities (a lot of physical exercise, lifting heavy objects).

Are Scars Possible After a Mommy Makeover?

In principle, all interventions that are carried out with a skin incision are also accompanied by scarring. With all interventions, particular attention is paid to how the incision is made and how the incision is made in order to subsequently obtain the least possible visible scarring from an aesthetic point of view. The techniques chosen and the associated scar formation are discussed in detail during the planning meeting for the operation so that there are no surprises.

How painful is a mommy makeover?

How painful such a mommy makeover is depends on the type of procedure and the individual sensitivity to pain. It is completely normal that there is a certain amount of pain postoperatively and that pulling pains in the wound area occur again and again as part of the healing process and can be treated in the first few days after the operation with painkillers taken orally. If fever or pain that exceeds normal levels occurs after the operation, you must come back immediately, as there may be a suspicion of a wound infection.

What anesthesia is used for a mommy makeover?

As a rule, all of the above procedures are performed under general anesthesia, which is monitored by an experienced anesthetist. Labia reduction (vaginal tightening) can be performed under local anesthesia.

When Can You See the Results of a Mommy Makeover?

As a rule, all of the above procedures are performed under general anesthesia, which is monitored by an experienced anesthetist. Labia reduction (vaginal tightening) can be performed under local anesthesia.

When is the right time after pregnancy for a mommy makeover?

About six months after breastfeeding ends, the physical changes are complete and planning a mommy makeover can begin.

What are the risks of a mommy makeover?

Almost all forms of therapy offered as part of a mommy makeover are surgical procedures that are carried out with general anesthesia. In addition to general risks that can occur during any operation, such as the formation of hematomas, secondary bleeding, wound healing disorders, scarring, allergic reactions to substances used or infections caused by germs entering the wound, the individual operations also have special side effects and risks that can occur in rare cases and about which you will be informed in the information discussion. In principle, however, all the forms of treatment mentioned are routine interventions that are carried out with a lot of experience with the greatest precision and in compliance with the highest hygienic conditions and the best safety standards.

Careful post-operative follow-up treatment should also ensure that nothing stands in the way of an optimal healing process.

How Long Do Mommy Makeover Results Last?

All procedures that can be carried out as part of a mommy makeover show very good and long-term results. The high-quality silicone implants that we use in the event of a breast augmentation have a shelf life of up to twenty years, often significantly more.

It should be noted that even after a mommy makeover, the body goes through natural age- and hormone-related changes that can counteract the postoperative result to a certain extent. A healthy diet, regular and sufficient exercise and a stable weight help to keep this change as small as possible.

Which Doctors Can Perform a Mommy Makeover?

The implementation of the various interventions as part of a mommy makeover is primarily the responsibility of specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

Since a mommy makeover is not necessarily a single procedure, but can include a combination of several and different plastic aesthetic treatments, it is not possible to give a flat rate here. You will be informed about the costs and financing of the mommy makeover during the planning meeting.

Is there a possibility that health insurance companies will pay for a mommy makeover?

In principle, all interventions that are carried out as part of a mommy makeover are not medically necessary, which is why health insurance companies usually do not contribute to the costs. If there are definite physical complaints and the procedure is necessary for health reasons (e.g. chronic back pain, postural abnormalities due to breasts that are too large or recurring pain during sexual intercourse or unintentional loss of urine), there is the possibility of at least partial cost coverage depending on the health insurance company. It is advisable to obtain information from the health insurance company in advance. In many cases, the correction of a severe rectus diastasis is covered by health insurance and private supplementary insurance.

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