Gynecomastia – correction of the male breast

Duration: 1 hour
Anesthesia: general anesthesia
Duration of stay: day clinic or inpatient 1 night
Suture removal: after 14 days
Healing time: 3-4 weeks

A man’s breast, better known as “gynecomastia”, often means a lot of emotional stress for those affected. The male breast can be so pronounced that it is visible even through clothing and those affected are ashamed to go to the swimming pool or sauna. There are various factors that favor the development of gynecomastia, such as hormonal changes, aging or overactivity of the mammary gland. The good news, however, is that gynecomastia can be treated very well, which means that sufferers can regain their self-confidence and no longer have to hide their upper body. As part of liposuction, Dr. Matiasek removes the excess fat from the breast while maintaining its natural shape. In pronounced cases it may be necessary to tighten the breast additionally in order to obtain a defined breast.

What is gynecomastia?

In medicine, gynecomastia is a benign, excessive growth of the male mammary glands that can occur on one or both sides. The breasts appear more feminine, which often leads to shame and low self-confidence in affected men. However, gynecomastia is not only an aesthetic problem, it can also be associated with pain.

Basically, a distinction is made between two types of gynecomastia: “real” gynecomastia and so-called “pseudogynecomastia”. From the outside, no difference can be determined, but it is important not to equate these two forms of male breasts with each other. Pseudogynecomastia is caused by an increased storage of fatty tissue, which is caused by excessive weight or tissue tumors. So-called lipomastia is a sub-form of pseudogynecomastia and is often used synonymously.

There is also a special form of gynecomastia, namely “puberty gynecomstia”, which, as the name implies, occurs in boys during puberty. As a rule, however, this does not need to be treated because it resolves spontaneously after puberty. Only in very rare cases does this type of gynecomastia persist after puberty and have to be removed as part of a surgical procedure.

What do I have to do as a maWhat are the reasons for gynecomastia?

There are several reasons that help gynecomastia develop. A common cause is a disturbance to hormonal balance: a lack of male and an excess of female hormones can lead to an increased formation of glandular tissue, which in turn can lead to pronounced male breasts.

If clearly pronounced breasts are already visible at birth, this may be due to the transmission of female hormones via the placenta. In this case, the breast change usually regresses. But drugs or a genetic predisposition are also common triggers for gynecomastia, which is why it can occur at any age. In order for gynecomastia to be treated optimally, it is first important to identify the cause of a pronounced male breast in a consultation.

What do I have to consider before treating gynecomastia?

Before a gynecomastia operation, Dr. Matiasek will give you a detailed consultation, which also includes an examination of your breasts. In some cases, it makes sense to resort to conservative methods first, as an operation always presents the body with a challenge. Determining the cause of gynecomastia is important, for example, when it comes to hormonal changes, because these persist even after an operation, and may lead to renewed expression of the male breast. It must also be clarified that you do not suffer from any serious illnesses that do not require general anesthesia. In such cases, we jointly examine possible alternatives and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

In your conversation, please tell Dr. Matiasek in detail what is bothering you, what complaints and wishes you have and of course what you expect from the procedure. Then he will explain the individual steps of the gynecomastia operation to you and answer all open questions. You will also receive helpful tips from Dr. Matiasek on how you can optimally prepare for the correction of the male breast. This includes, for example, stopping blood-thinning medication about two weeks before the procedure, as these can delay blood clotting and promote bleeding. Please refrain from alcohol and nicotine during this period or reduce their consumption to a minimum in order to prevent circulatory disorders. Since gynecomastia is usually performed under general anesthesia, you should not eat anything for six hours before the treatment; You can drink water and unsweetened teas up to two hours before the operation.

How does the correction of the male breasts work?

Although gynecomastia can also be treated as part of hormone therapy, this rarely leads to a significant breast reduction in certain forms of gynecomastia. A complete correction of the male breasts can therefore only be achieved with surgical procedure. In doing so, Dr. Matiasek uses a classic liposuction with an additional removal of the glandular tissue. In some cases, liposuction alone is enough to achieve the desired result.

After the general anesthetic takes effect, the first treatment steps can be started. Dr. Matiasek makes small, precise incisions on the lower edge of the areola so that the nipple remains sensitive and scars are as invisible as possible. Alternatively, the incision can also be made under the armpit or along the underbust crease. The excess breast tissue can now be suctioned off through the incisions with the aid of cannulas. Afterwards, Dr. Matiasek uses the same openings in the skin to sculpt the mammary glands that are too large to create a flat, male breast shape. In a final step, the incisions are sutured, and a compression bandage is applied to provide good support for the breast. In addition, a drain is placed so that the wound fluid can drain off completely.

Correction of the male breast usually takes an hour to an hour and a half; the exact duration of the operation depends, among other things, on the severity of the gynecomastia. Depending on how the gynecomastia went, you can either go home the same day or stay at the clinic for one night for observation. If the male breasts are very pronounced, a breast lift may be necessary afterwards in order to avoid sagging skin. During our consultation, Dr. Matiasek will clarify with you whether this is necessary in your individual case.

What are the complications of the treatment for men’s breasts?

Correction of the male breast is a routine procedure, but some side effects, as with any surgical procedure, can never be completely ruled out. Above all, swelling, bruises and redness are common but harmless symptoms after gynecomastia surgery, and they go away on their own after a few weeks. It can also lead to wound healing disorders, feelings of tension, hardening, sensitivity disorders in the form of a reduction in sensation in the chest area or temporary numbness. Unsightly scarring is also theoretically possible. To avoid this, Dr. Matiasek prefers the small incisions in the areola, which means that the scars are well hidden.

Anesthesia-related reactions can also occur after an operation, which is why it is important that you inform Dr. Matiasek in advance of any known allergies or intolerances so that the anesthesia can be adjusted if necessary. If you conscientiously adhere to the recommendations for aftercare, for example by consistently wearing the compression girdle, you reduce the risk of unevenness and the accumulation of wound seeping and thus contribute to a positive healing process.

What do I have to consider after treating gynecomastia?

In the course of our consultation, Dr. Matiasek will give you comprehensive information about what to expect in the period after the gynecomastia operation. After a male breast reduction, it is essential that you wear a compression girdle day and night for a period of six weeks. This ensures that the breast heals nicely in its new position. Since an operation is always a challenge for your body, you have to take it easy for one to two weeks and give your body a break. After the breast correction, Dr. Matiasek checks the success of the treatment and the sutures are removed after two weeks.

Please note that a breast reduction in men is associated with certain restrictions: For example, you are only allowed to shower again after three days, whereby the wounds should not get too wet. Accordingly, full baths or swimming pool visits are taboo for a few weeks. In addition, it is recommended not to use the solarium or sauna; the same applies to strong and direct sunlight on the treated area. You have to do without exercise for four to six weeks. In order to support the healing process positively, you should also pay attention to a healthy, balanced and low-fat diet.

When are the results of the gynecomastia surgery visible?

When you can see the final result of gynecomastia depends on several factors. Depending on the characteristics of your male breasts, you may notice a visible change shortly after the treatment. However, as your upper body is initially supported by a compression bandage and it will take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside, you will have to be patient. You can see the final result of the gynecomastia after about three to four months. This is basically permanent, but strong fluctuations in weight can have a negative impact on the end result. Therefore, Dr. Matiasek advises his patients to ensure a healthy diet and sufficient exercise in order to enjoy an aesthetic treatment result in the long term.

Large breasts often mean a lot of stress for affected men and is often associated with unpleasant symptoms. The goal of Dr. Matiasek is that his patients feel comfortable in their skin and do not have to be ashamed of their body. Dr. Matiasek and his team look forward to welcoming you to a non-binding consultation in his practice and creating an individual treatment plan for you.

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