Hyperhidrosis therapy for men

Duration: 1 hour
Anesthesia: general anesthesia
Length of stay: inpatient 1 night
Suture removal: after 14 days
Healing time: 4-6 weeks

Excessive sweating can be a problem in many ways – not only in your professional but also in your personal life. In order to hide large sweat stains, many men wear layers of T-Shirt underneath their shirt to soak up sweat, wear light colored clothing or choose not to engage in certain social situations. However, there are several ways that excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can be treated. Below you will find out how Botox injections can temporarily block overactive sweat glands or how the problem of excessive sweating can be permanently solved by suctioning the sweat glands.

What reasons speak in favor of anti-sweat therapy in men?

Everyone sweats, because our sympathetic nervous system regulates body temperature through the release of sweat. The sweat formed in the sweat glands of the skin, and its primary function is protecting the body from overheating. However, a very high and unregulated volume of perspiration, is known as the medical term hyperhidrosis. This term encompasses excessive sweating, i.e. when the person’s body gives off a disproportionate amount of sweat during Sports, hot weather or stress, causing significant distress to the individual. Generalized hyperhidrosis affects large areas of the body while focal hyperhidrosis is limited to small areas such as the armpits, palms or soles of the feet. The effects of this condition can be felt in both private and professional situations, but Dr. Matiasek can help you.

In his practice, Dr. Matiasek offers two different treatment options for excessive sweating: the injection of botulinum toxin into regions of the skin that produce a large amount of sweat. This treatment has proven to be particularly effective, but this effect does not last forever and must be repeated after a certain period of time. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your hyperhidrosis, then suctioning the sweat glands is recommended.

As a man, what do I have to consider before an anti-sweat treatment?

Before an anti-sweat treatment, a personal consultation with Dr. Matiasek is necessary. He will be able to determine an exact diagnosis as well as degree of its effect. Depending on the extent of the disease, Dr. Matiasek can inform you on possible therapies you might consider specifically, or whether a surgical procedure is necessary. In his examination, the affected parts of the body are thoroughly examined in order to be able to build a concrete picture of the every individuals case. During the conversation, Dr. Matiasek will also provide you with all treatment options and surgical techniques, and will also explain possible risks and side effects as there are with any treatment. It is particularly important to Dr. Matiasek that you feel fully informed before proceeding with any sort of treatment in his practice and you arrive on the day of the procedure feeling calm and positive.

If you have decided to proceed with the operative treatment of suctioning the sweat glands, it is vital that you do not eat anything six hours before the procedure. You may drink water and unsweetened teas up to two hours before the operation. This is because the suction is done under a general anesthetic, which requires you to be sober. You will be informed in detail in the consultation about the optimal preventive care and receive tips on how you can help ensure that the treatment runs as smoothly as possible.

How does the anti-sweat treatment with Botox work in men?

Injections with botulinum toxin are particularly effective against heavy sweating, especially in the armpits. Botulinum toxin is a protein that specifically blocks the transmission of stimuli to the sweat glands. The treatment itself is relatively straightforward and does not require a great deal of time. Since parts of the body such as feet or hands are rather uncomfortable places to have an injection, an ointment with mild anesthetic effect is first applied to that area which is being treated (local anesthesia). Then Dr. Matiasek injects the botulinum toxin directly into the upper layer of the skin using a very fine needle. The number of injections necessary varies on the extent of the hyperhidrosis. On average around 20 to 30 injections are usually required per treatment. The effect of the botulinum toxin usually sets in after a few days and lasts for about half a year. For this reason, the treatment has to be repeated at regular intervals, as this type of treatment is not permanent.

How does the suction of the sweat glands work in men?

Another option is an operation in the armpit area, a so-called sweat gland excision. A large part of the sweat gland-bearing skin areas in the armpit area is surgically removed or suctioned. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and can leave visible scars in the treatment area, but these will fade over time and can be further reduced with thorough scar treatment. A big advantage to this, is that a permanent sweat reduction can be achieved by means of the suction of the sweat glands.

What complications can men experience with anti-sweat treatment?

As with any conventional treatment, anti-sweat treatment can also cause certain side effects. A Botox injection, for example, is a relatively low-risk procedure, as complications rarely occur. Infection, redness, bruising or swelling may occur at the injection sites. However, these symptoms are quite normal and should not cause concern as they will usually disappear completely in the first few days after treatment. In very rare cases, the substance botulinum toxin cannot develop its effect because the body’s own immune system defends against it. While this is possible, it really only happens to very few patients. Suctioning off or cutting out the sweat glands under the armpits can also lead to healing problems.

As a man, what should I watch out for after anti-sweat therapy?

In the case of botulinum toxin injections, you can leave the practice on the same day. However, Dr. Matiasek suggests to his patients to refrain from doing sports on the same day of treatment and not to use a sauna. In general, it is advisable to take it easy after the anti-sweat therapy and to allow your body a short break to recover.

If the sweat glands are cut out or suctioned off, you usually stay for one night so that your health can be monitored during this time. After that you are required to wear a compression vest for a week to aid in your recovery. Here, too, it is advisable to take it easy in the first week and refrain from sport, steam baths and saunas – generally avoid activities that stimulate your blood circulation.

As a man, what results can I expect after anti-sweat treatment?

If you decide to suction or cut out the sweat glands, you can count on a permanent reduction of the volume of sweat your body produces. When treating with Botox injections, several sessions are usually necessary, because the result usually lasts for up to six months, after which new injections must take place at regular intervals in order to maintain the desired result.

If you are affected by hyperhidrosis that makes your everyday life difficult, there are several ways to address the problem. Dr. Matiasek offers well-founded professional competence and professional treatment and looks forward to getting to know you in a personal consultation and creating an individual treatment plan for you.

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