Brow lift

Duration: 30 Minutes
Anesthesia: local anesthetic or twilight sleep
Length of stay: outpatient
Suture removal: after 6-7 days
Healing time: 1-2 weeks

The eyebrows do not only fulfill important tasks for the protection of our eyes and non-verbal communication, but also contribute to the harmony of our face. When they droop, it gives us a tired, sad or even unfriendly expression that can quickly become a burden. This is not always due to sagging of the skin around the eye area, but can also have to do with drooping of the eyebrows. In this case, the remedy of choice is not an eyelid lift, but a lifting of the eyebrows. In a consultation with Dr. Matiasek, you will not only discuss your wishes and ideas, but an examination of your eye area will also take place. In this way Dr. Matiasek can assess which treatment makes sense in your case.

When does an eyebrow lift come into play?

The eyebrows play the most important role in our facial expressions. In addition, they give our face contour and harmony. Some people have genetically low or asymmetrical eyebrows, which disturb this harmony somewhat. But even well-formed eyebrows recede in the course of life when the skin naturally loses its elasticity. This makes the eyes look smaller, our gaze tired or sad, or, in the case of straight eyebrows, unfriendly and stern. In order to lift and reposition the eyebrows, various procedures are suitable, such as an eyebrow lift, thread lift or injections with hyaluronic acid and Botox.

It is not possible to give a general answer as to which procedure is suitable for you personally, as there are many factors involved. Only a personal consultation makes it possible to find the ideal procedure that will enhance your unique beauty.

For whom is an eyebrow lift suitable?

Our definition of beauty is as varied as our appearance. Thus, there is no one eyebrow shape – rather, brows blend harmoniously into our facial features. Even young women can be deeply dissatisfied with the natural shape of their eyebrows. In addition, from the age of 40, the aging of the eyebrows becomes noticeable in many patients, causing undesirable changes in facial expressions. If the self-confidence suffers when looking in the mirror, then a small procedure to lift the eyebrows is an option. Only very few people have medical or psychological conditions that would exclude them from this treatment. This is because local anesthesia is particularly gentle and therefore also suitable for those who cannot tolerate a general anesthetic. Nevertheless, your health is Dr Matiasek’s top priority, so your eligibility for a procedure will be carefully assessed during a consultation.

What do I need to consider before my eyebrow lift?

Before every treatment, Dr. Matiasek conducts a personal consultation in the course of which you will jointly work out the ideal method for you based on your anatomical conditions, your wishes and ideas and the expected results. In the course of this, Dr. Matiasek will examine you thoroughly and explain the procedure, possible complications and what to do before and after the procedure. 

For example, before an eyebrow lift, you should stop taking blood-thinning medication in consultation with your doctor in order to avoid bleeding during the operation. It is best to refrain from consuming alcohol and nicotine a few weeks before the procedure, as these impair the healing of the wound.

What is the procedure for lifting the eyebrows?

The procedure takes place under local anesthetic or in twilight sleep. After the procedure you will remain under observation for some time, then you will be discharged home, ideally you will be collected.

In a pure eyebrow lift, the lifting is done by removing a small strip of skin above the eyebrow and suturing the edges of the skin without tension. The suture is then hidden under the hairs of the eyebrows, which is why this method is particularly suitable for very bushy brows. For brows that are not so bushy, Dr. Matiasek places the incision in the hairline; it would also be possible to make an incision in a frown line, but this would remain more visible. If the incision is at the upper hairline, a simultaneous forehead lift is an option for rejuvenating the entire upper third of the face. An incision at the lateral hairline allows for additional smoothing of the crow’s feet and temples. 

Thanks to modern technology, the required incisions are only about one centimeter in size. An endoscope with a mini camera and a tube with the necessary surgical instruments are inserted through them. The image transmission allows an extremely careful detachment of the skin and forehead muscles, which are then pulled upwards. The excess skin is removed, the incisions are sutured and covered with strips of plaster.

In contrast, thread lifting or injections with Botox or hyaluronic acid are performed without any incisions. In thread lifting, a thread with a barb is inserted under the skin with a needle and then the skin is lifted with this barb. This method also allows the shape of the eyebrow to be changed. The thread remains under the skin where it initially grows together with the tissue and dissolves over time. In addition, the formation of collagen is stimulated, so the eyebrow retains its position afterwards.

The injection is usually done with Botox, possibly with hyaluronic acid or a combination of both. While Botox weakens the muscles and thus pulls the brow upwards, hyaluronic acid is used to pad the eyebrows to give them the right shape.

What are the complications and risks of an eyebrow lift?

With any procedure there is a possibility of certain complications, and this is also the case with an eyebrow lift. Natural reactions include swelling, redness and bruising, which will subside after a few days. Individually, patients may suffer from mild to severe pain, which is easily treatable with painkillers. There is always a risk of wound healing problems or infections during surgery, even though the risk of infection has been greatly reduced due to the high standards of hygiene. After the operation, temporary numbness is quite normal, but there is a very small risk that the injury to a nerve may leave the facial muscle permanently restricted. The procedure leaves small scars that fade over time and are barely visible. Some people tend to have more severe scarring, so the scars remain very visible. These can be reduced with special scar creams or treated with scar correction.

What do I have to bear in mind after the eyebrow lift?

After an eyebrow lift you should take it easy, after about one to two weeks you will be socially fit again. In the first few days you should sleep with your upper body elevated if possible, any swelling and redness can be relieved by cooling. After six to seven days, the stitches will be removed. Until then, the wound must not get wet under any circumstances and even after that you should refrain from make-up and facial massages for another week. Sports, sauna and solarium visits are not recommended for a total of three weeks. The sun promotes skin aging, so you should avoid it for longer periods and ideally use a sun protection factor of 50. Ideally you should also not consume alcohol and nicotine again until the healing process is complete.

When will the results of the eyebrow lift be visible?

Every procedure to lift the eyebrows requires a little patience until the results are visible. Initially, swelling and redness mask the eyebrow lift – only when these have subsided, at the latest after two to three months, are the results also visible, which can last for seven to twelve years. The thread of the thread lift grows together with the tissue within two weeks, then the effects of the lifting also become apparent. These are enhanced by the stimulated collagen formation in the following weeks. When the thread has dissolved after 12 to 18 months, the eyebrow remains in position for up to five years due to the collagen.

With a Botox treatment, the first changes can be seen after two to three days, but the final results are only visible after about 14 days. Hyaluronic acid plumps up immediately due to its volume, but with the stimulated collagen formation, the effect intensifies for weeks. Injections are the least long-lasting of all procedures, and should be repeated after about six months. How long the rejuvenation lasts varies from person to person and is also due to lifestyle. Nevertheless, skin aging can never be stopped completely.

If your self-confidence suffers from the sight of your eyebrows, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Matiasek and his team. Dr. Matiasek will help you harmonizing your facial features with your eyebrows so that you will enjoy looking in the mirror again.

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