Liposuction Vienna

Duration: about 1 hour
Anesthesia: local anesthesia or sedation
Duration of stay: outpatient or 1 day
Suture removal: not necessary
Healing time: 2-4 weeks

Many people have been working towards their personal ideal of beauty for a long time – they eat healthy and exercise, but some love handles just don’t want to go away. In this situation, Dr. Matiasek will support you on the way to your dream body with liposuction. Afterwards there is the possibility to prepare the removed cells and put them back into other parts of the body by lipofilling. So, you benefit twice from liposuction.

What is the difference between liposuction and lipofilling?

Liposuction is the medical term for suctioning fat tissues. Many patients complain that they do not lose weight in certain parts of the body despite exercise and a healthy diet. Such problem areas can usually be traced back to genetic or hormonal causes. With liposuction, your body can be freed from these fat deposits in the long term and you can be accompanied on the way to your dream body. However, you should keep in mind that liposuction is only possible in small quantities. So, it does not serve as a substitute for weight loss but can only support it in certain parts of the body.

Lipofilling is better known as autologous fat injection. During this procedure, Dr. Matiasek picks up the extracted fat cells using a special procedure and then injects them into other areas of the body. Thus, for example, the stomach or thighs can be reduced and at the same time a breast augmentation or a so-called Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Compared to the use of implants, lipofilling offers two major advantages: Firstly, there are no large cuts in the skin and therefore no unsightly scars are left behind. Secondly, the injected fat is endogenous material, which means that rejection reactions are excluded. dr Matiasek performs liposuction and autologous fat injections in his surgeries either separately or in combination, depending on the individual ideas and wishes of his patients.

Who is liposuction or lipofilling suitable for?

Liposuction and lipofilling are suitable for both women and men. Patients often want liposuction on the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms or double chin. The removed material can then be injected into the chest and buttocks or sometimes in the face to enlarge the lips or even out wrinkles. In men, liposuction is mostly used on the back or stomach. While autologous fat injections mainly meet the patient’s optical wishes, liposuction can also be necessary for health reasons. It is suitable, for example, for the treatment of lipedema, a pathological increase in adipose tissue or gynecomastia, an enlargement of the male mammary glands.

However, there are a few requirements that must be met for liposuction and lipofilling. The ideal candidates are people who have local fat deposits but are not very overweight. You should be of legal age and in good health. If you suffer from diabetes, inflammation in the affected body area, blood clotting or wound healing disorders, Dr. Matiasek advises you not to perform either of these procedures. In addition, your skin should not be too slack in the area to be treated but should still have sufficient elasticity. If this is not the case, other treatment methods are more likely to be recommended.

Liposuction and lipofilling: what you need to consider before treatment

Before each treatment, Dr. Matiasek will hold a detailed consultation with you. In this, you tell him your specific wishes and together you will find a suitable method to turn your ideas into reality. In addition, Dr. Matiasek will inform you about the optimal pre- and post-operative care and possible risks of the intervention. Then some tests are carried out – with the help of an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a blood analysis, Dr. Matiasek ensures that you have the right physical conditions for liposuction or lipofilling.

There are also a few rules you need to follow before the treatment appointment itself. One to two weeks before the procedure, you must stop consumption of blood-thinning medication, alcohol and nicotine. This improves blood clotting and the risk of complications is significantly lower. If you would like to have liposuction and autologous fat injections performed under general anesthesia, you are not allowed to eat anything in the six hours before. Most patients, however, opt for local anesthesia or sedation so this prohibition does not apply here.

How does liposuction work?

Dr. Matiasek offers two different methods of liposuction: vibration-assisted liposuction and the so-called VASER technique. Which of the two is more suitable for you, will be clarified in a personal consultation. You can also choose between general anesthesia, sedation and local anesthesia.

As soon as you can no longer feel anything, the removal site is disinfected, and a small incision is made in your skin. Through this, Dr. Matiasek injects a special liquid into your body that dissolves fat cells. A cannula is then inserted through which the tissue is suctioned off. In vibration-assisted liposuction, this is – as the name suggests – under vibration. This loosens the fat cells even better and the skin surface also benefits from a slight tightening effect. The VASER technology, on the other hand, works with ultrasonic waves and a rotating cannula. It is considered to be particularly gentle and low risk. About three to five kilograms of fat can be suctioned off in one session. Finally, you will get a bandage around the treated areas of the skin. The liposuction is finished after about one to two hours.

How does lipofilling work?

The lipofilling follows directly after the liposuction. It starts with numbing the puncture sites. The removed cells are cleaned in a special process. They are then filled into a syringe and injected under the skin in the areas to be treated. Dr. Matiasek very carefully and distributes the injected material in a targeted manner with gentle massage movements. Since the body breaks down some of the fatty tissue over time, a slight overcorrection is made. This is how Dr. Matiasek makes sure that you can be happy with the results in the long run. The autologous fat injection again takes one to two hours. Several sessions are usually necessary for an optimal result.

What complications can occur with liposuction or lipofilling?

Liposuction and lipofilling are considered very gentle and low-risk treatments. In some cases, there is pain, numbness, swelling, redness and bruising at the injection sites. You don’t have to worry about these symptoms, as they will go away on their own after a few days to weeks. Possible more serious complications include infection, secondary bleeding, thrombosis, pigmentation disorders, uneven skin and damage to the nerves or blood vessels. Since Dr. Matiasek, however, pays attention to the highest quality and hygiene standards and brings a lot of experience and sensitivity, you do not need to fear such consequences in his practice.

Liposuction and lipofilling: what you need to consider after treatment

Since the procedure takes place under local anesthesia or under sedation, you can go home immediately afterwards, provided you feel fit enough. Alternatively, to be on the safe side, you can spend one night under inpatient supervision. Allow yourself some rest in the first few days after the treatment and make sure you are drinking enough fluids. You will be given special compression garments that you should wear around the clock for six weeks. It supports the healing process and prevents irregularities on the surface of the skin.

After about two to three days you will be able to socialize again and go about your usual activities. Showering is allowed after just 24 hours. However, Dr. Matiasek recommends avoiding strenuous exercise, steam baths, sauna and solarium visits and extensive sunbathing for around four to six weeks. The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes should also be avoided.

When are the results of liposuction or lipofilling visible?

Immediately after liposuction and autologous fat injections, the skin is usually still a little swollen. The first effects can therefore only be seen after around two to four weeks. It usually takes about three to six months to achieve the final result. The results of liposuction are permanent unless an unhealthy lifestyle leads to significant weight gain. With lipofilling, the effect usually wears off after a few years, as the body breaks down the injected fat cells over time. In this case, you are welcome to contact Dr. Matiasek for a new treatment.

Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Matiasek if you have any further questions about liposuction or lipofilling or would like to make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. Dr. Matiasek and his team look forward to supporting you on the way to your personal dream body!

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