Body lift and belt lift Vienna

Duration: 6-8 hours
Anesthesia: general anesthesia
Duration of stay: inpatient 3-6 days
Suture removal: after 14 days
Healing time: 4-6 weeks

Have you reached your desired weight through a balanced diet and exercise? Then you are well on the way to a healthy life and a body that is not only efficient but also showable. Large weight reductions leave clear traces. Often the skin does not cooperate and it hangs down in folds on the thighs, stomach and bottom. A body lift is the last step on the way to a toned body. Excess skin rolls are removed and the remaining skin is tightened: Your excess weight is now finally history.

When are the body lift and belt lift used?

A full body lift is often the last step to the desired body shape after liposuction or a major weight loss – for example after gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery or the insertion of a gastric band. But even after pregnancy it can happen that the overstretched skin does not recede. Large fluctuations in weight can often leave a so-called fat apron. A belt lift is a great way to remedy this unsatisfactory condition. Both the abdominal wall, pubic area, the front and side areas of the thighs and the buttocks are given a firmer and more youthful appearance.

The right time is crucial with regard to the result of a body lift. At the time of the operation, the BMI should ideally be already below 30. In individual cases, however, the procedure can also be carried out earlier. Before a body lift, you should have already reached your ideal weight.

Who are the body lift and belt lift suitable for?

A body lift is suitable for people who want a tightening in the area of the abdomen, groin and hips up to the area of the lower back. This can be the case, for example, after a major weight loss or if the overstretched skin does not recede after pregnancy. After a body lift, the bottom is flatter again and the thighs are completely taut inside, outside and behind. A body lift is also suitable, for example, for patients with orange peel cellulite and small dents can be reduced by this procedure.

What do I have to consider before a body lift or belt lift?

A detailed consultation takes place before a body lift. In this, Dr. Matiasek will determine whether a body lift is the right method in your case or whether the procedure should be divided into several operations. This conversation will also cover pre-existing medical conditions, medications you are taking, and allergies from which you suffer. A body lift is only an option for physically healthy patients.

 In the course of the conversation, an appointment for treatment will be set and the next steps will be discussed. Stop consuming alcohol and nicotine at least a week before the procedure. During this period, it is generally recommended that you take it easy on your body – in this way you ensure that your body has all the reserves it needs for healing the wound after the procedure. The intake of blood-thinning medication may have to be stopped before the procedure, including aspirin, Voltaren, Marcoumar or Thomypyrin. If you take sleeping pills, stop taking them before the procedure.

How does a body lift or belt lift work?

Before the procedure, Dr. Matiasek marks the planned incision and the skin areas to be removed while the patient is standing up. The actual procedure is performed under general anesthesia and in most cases takes four to eight hours. Areas that are not being lifted can be shaped using liposuction techniques.

We differentiate between a “lower body lift” and an “upper body lift”. A tightening of the abdominal wall, hips, buttocks and possibly the thighs is a lower body lift. This makes the entire trunk appear tighter. In order to strengthen the waist, the abdominal wall muscles can also be tightened. An upper body lift, on the other hand, is the tightening of the chest, flanks, back and upper arms.

What complications can occur with a body lift or belt lift?

A body lift is a major procedure and therefore carries a greater risk than other minor plastic surgery procedures. Visible scarring is unavoidable as several, sometimes long, incisions are necessary. Incisions are necessary at the base of the legs, above the mons pubis on the inside of the thigh and above the base of the buttocks. Dr. Matiasek will operate in such a way that underwear or swimwear cover them up.

With a body lift, there are comparatively large wound cavities. Long wound healing is associated with an increased risk of wound infection and associated inflammation. In rare cases, wound infection, impaired wound healing or bleeding can occur. In rare cases, the nerves in the operated area can also be injured. The result is numbness in the affected area. Normally, however, this disappears by itself and feeling returns after a few weeks.

What do I have to consider after a body lift and belt lift?

The body lift is followed by a stay in a clinic. Most patients can go home after three to six days. Expect downtime of one to two months. During this time you have to wear compression garments to support the success of the treatment.

To prevent thrombosis as best as possible, you should get up and move around the day after the operation. Take small, easy walks daily until the healing process is complete and you no longer have to wear the compression girdle. You can exercise again about six weeks after the procedure. Depending on your occupation, you can resume your work after six weeks with heavier physical work, otherwise you will be fit for work again after three weeks.

If the body lift was preceded by severe obesity, it is advisable to consider the reasons for the obesity. Continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and exercise regularly. This is the only way to prevent recurrent weight gain. Patients who put on weight quickly after a body lift often complain that the excess tissue is pressing on the scars. It is therefore important that you take care to keep your weight stable.

When are the results of a body lift or belt lift visible?

As soon as the swelling subsides after the operation, the first results of the belt lift become visible. In the period immediately after the procedure the scars are still clearly visible, but they fade over time and the final result is visible after a few months.

With a lower body lift, long scars run in the area of the belt line, the groin and the buttock fold. If the thighs have also been tightened, there will also be a scar on the inside of the thigh. With the exception of the scar on the thighs, the scars can be easily covered by underwear or swimwear. With the upper body lift, scars form on the inside of the upper arms that run down to the armpits. Another scar runs on the back. You can cover these up by wearing a bra. The course of the scar in the breast area depends on the technique chosen. In most cases, an upper body lift also requires the nipple to be repositioned, so a circular scar remains around the areola. However, this is hardly visible after the healing is complete. The extent of scarring depends primarily on how much excess skin there is. The less skin needs to be removed, the shorter the scars.

The body lift and belt lift are relatively more extensive operations that involve some risks and a longer healing time. This is precisely why it is important to inform you comprehensively about all aspects of the procedure, because a body or belt lift must be carefully considered. Dr. Matiasek looks forward to welcoming you to his practice for a consultation and being able to offer you the ideal treatment for your aesthetic problem.

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