Halslifting für einen straffen und glatten Hals

Halslifting für einen straffen und glatten Hals

Ich überlege ein Lifting am Hals durchführen zu lassen, weil ich hier stark hängende Haut habe. Nur fürchte ich, dass man später die Narben sieht. Wo verlaufen die Narben bei einem Halslifting?

In a  neck lift,  there are various possible cutting lines and resulting scars as needed .

Similar to the facelift, the under-the-skin musculature (Platysma) is shirred and repositioned to the youthful “starting position” in today used surgical methods. Then the excess skin is removed and sutured wrinkle-free.

Tension should be minimal on the skin itself. Depending on skin excess, the cutting lines must be selected. If possible, choose a horizontal approach, so that the scar comes to lie in a fold under the chin and then, assuming a good wound healing, after healing is almost undetectable.

When vertical access is needed, the skin is removed so that a zig-zag scar results under the chin. This scar pattern usually gives the esthetically best outcome.

In addition to the pure neck lift, liposuction in this area can also be carried out in the event of excess fat, which, on the one hand, improves the contour and, on the other hand, allows this “recovered” fat to be injected into the facial area without scarring. As a result, a rejuvenation effect can be achieved on the face.

The procedure itself is done in deep sleep or under general anesthesia.

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