Fettabsaugung am Bauch

Ist es notwendig für eine Fettabsaugung am Bauch vorher eine Diät durchzuführen? Wie viel Fett kann höchstens mit einer Fettabsaugung entfernt werden?

The  liposuction  on the abdomen is a very popular procedure in plastic surgery that can either be performed under general anesthesia or twilight sleep in deep. In any case, the area of ​​the planned suction is previously infiltrated locally with anesthetic, resulting in less bruising and postoperative pain . After the procedure, it will take 4-6 weeks to get the best result.

Of course, it makes sense before a planned liposuction, to follow a diet. It should also be noted that when extracting larger amounts, a surplus of skin may occur, which sometimes does not recur naturally, but must be removed as part of a tightening operation.

A maximum possible amount of suction is not defined, but rarely 5 liters are exceeded. To avoid complications, multiple sessions should be scheduled for larger volumes. Sometimes it makes sense to combine a liposuction with a tightening of, for example, the abdomen or the upper arms. In rare cases, for example, in the case of “lipoedema”, it may be the costs of liposuction.

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